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The 10th Edition of the Local Goods Guide is an evolving resource that encourages the localization and revitalization of our economy. By continuing to offer this comprehensive guide, we hope to emphasize agrarian and artistic abundance in New Hampshire and promote a thriving, resilient rural community while ensuring the nutrition, food security, and sovereignty of our region.

 The Local Goods Guide has grown tremendously since its 2006 inception as a small tri-fold brochure (started by D Acres Farm in Dorchester, NH) that included only 6 farm listings, to a 32+ page booklet that maps over 40 farms and 50 locally owned retailers. In 2013 the Guide became a self-funded independent entity. While D Acres will continue to be actively involved in the production of the guide, it is rewarding to see the program become a community-organized project, expanding annually to include more local shops, farms, artisans and more.
  Stacey Lucas, who has been the graphic design & layout coordinator for the Guide, has stepped into a leadership role this year for the fourth year. Her experience as a small business-owner and enthusiastic advocate for buying local and NH-made products makes her a perfect fit to continue her work with the Guide.
Regina Rinaldo stays connected to the Guide again this year by working with local farmers and farmers markets in the Guide. Her passion for farm-to-table eating, work with Local Foods Plymouth and sustainable farming makes the Guide a near and dear project to her heart.

We've got a great team of volunteers and supporters! 
A huge shout-out to local lady Ellanna Tallent, who has worked endless hours to make the guide happen, through her awesome organizational and communication skills. Thanks for all you do, E!

And we're always looking for volunteers! If you want to get involved, we'd love to have you join!

Thanks for your support!

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